Want to own that Beneteau of your dreams and have others help you pay for it?

Want to own that Beneteau of your dreams and have a professional staff take care of your boat for you?

If you answered yes to either of these questions then Texas Sailing's Charter Management program may be for you.  We will professionally manage and maintain your yacht for you taking all the ownership hassles away.  All you do is let us know when you want to come play and your yacht will be ready to go.  No dead batteries, no scrubbing the deck for hours, no filling water and diesel tanks.  Your yacht will be kept in a constant state of readiness awaiting your arrival. 

We will market your yacht through our various charter opportunities to generate revenue for you to offset your operation costs.   This will be done through Texas Sailing 45+ years of experience.  We have developed a system of thorough checkouts, contracts, and accountability to make sure your yacht is treated with the respect she deserves.  

Our program is different!
 We pride ourselves in quality and family.  Our attention to detail and building a community of clients who enjoy being a part of Texas Sailing and the quality yachts we have to offer creates an environment of repeat customers who treat the boats as their own.

Our program works!
Walk the docks and you will see a fleet of well maintained yachts.  Take a look on-board and you will be shocked to learn that some of our boats have 8+ years of charter service on them yet they look better then most privately owned boats.  Also our current owners combined have had their yachts managed by Texas Sailing for an average of 6+ years.  Whether  you are interested in reducing your cost of ownership or simply want to relieve yourself of the ownership hassles we can create a charter management program that will fit your needs.

Contact us to learn more about our Charter Management opportunities and the amazing Beneteau Yachts!