Sailor Gift Ideas:

We all need a little help coming up with ideas for the perfect gifts our loved ones, therefore the Texas Sailing staff has organized some of our favorite vendors, things we love and items from our own wish lists. Please understand we are in no way related to the vendors on this page.

Of course it must be said that a Texas Sailing gift certificate is a wonderful gift for anyone who is considering beginning his or her new life passion with lessons or for those who are already hooked a charter or Texas Sailing Membership would be greatly appreciated. Anything we do can be purchased in gift certificate form. We even sold a Beneteau 323 as a birthday gift certificate once. You can also include a nice Texas Sailing t-shirt or polo to go with the gift certificate.

Most anything sailing related can be purchased from many website stores. A few of our favorites are:, and Annapolis Performance Sailing. Of course we can’t go without mentioning West Marine.

What PIRATE, oh, we mean Sailor doesn't want a CANNON? Ye Olde Cannon Maker has very cool and gorgeous handcrafted saluting cannons and accessories in many sizes. Check out RBG Cannons for details. This would be a huge hit for any sailor we know.

Some of our favorite items, and therefore are MUST HAVES, for lounging on the boat are the most reliable soft-sided coolers we’ve ever seen and the most comfortable, portable deck chairs. Our favorite travel bag is the Musto Wheely Bag. While you're out sailing why not take great photos to help you always remember your favorite vacation spots and the gorgeous sunsets you've experienced. The DC 1400 Underwater Camera takes 720-pixel HD video and 14-megapixel high-resolution images, auto-focuses to within an inch of any subject, and stays waterproof to depths of 200 feet. If you don’t already have satellite radio, Sirius reaches the BVIs with, among other stations, Radio Margaritaville. You can’t hang out on the boat without a great bottle of Pyrat Rum Xo Reserve.

Fun sailor gear is an absolute necessity for we wild ‘n crazy sailors.Ella Vickers Bags are recycled sailcloth bags that we love. For fun belts, flip flops, pet leashes, & pet collars go to The Belted Cow Co. Virtually every type of boat shoes can be purchased at Make sure you find non-marking, soft-soled shoes if you look elsewhere. Some great clothing can be purchased right here in Austin at two of our favorite stores, REI and Whole Earth

Robert’s favorite sailing magazine is Yachting World, but for those not overly interested in racing, Cruising World is also a great magazine. Practical Sailor is an informative consumer report type sailor magazine. You can find nautical books on every topic at Captain's Nautical. Some great reads include: Peter Isler’s Little Blue Book of Sailing Secrets by Peter Isler, Winter in Fireland: A Patagonian Sailing Adventure by Nicholas Coghlan, Life at Sea Level by Stephen J. Pavlidis, and Gary Jobson: An American Sailing Story by Gary Jobson with Cynthia Goss.

Boats do occasionally require work. The Nantucket Bagg has been very handy in many situations. A tank monitor is great for convenience and can be used on fuel, water, and waste tanks.

Two of our favorite sailing related artists are Willard Bond and Onne Van Der Wal. Willard Bond paints oils and water colors that appear three-dimensional and are full of vibrant color. Onne Van Der Wal Photography offers gorgeous photos. The Beachcomber who is an Austin sailor has created a book and art prints of his fractal art. Check out the website to learn about this beautiful art.

For the interior of your loved one’s boat you might consider contacting Jane Vanse with New JSI. Jane designs award winning custom interior and cockpit cushions. Cockpit cushions are always nice and C Cushions Inc is also well known for their work. Older boats most likely don’t have real mattresses in the berths. TheTufted Topper mattress is boat specific so you will need details, but for those who overnight this would be greatly appreciated.

Sailors are typically very proud of their vessel and hobby. Personalized boat apparel, life rings other items are available at Make sure you know the boat type and name to place your order. We buy our custom flags from The Flag Makers and have been very pleased with their work and quality. If you're artistic, create a cool, custom flag of virtually any size for your loved one's boat. If not, use their boat name and graphics to create a custom flag they will fly for every sail. Another nice personalized item is a stained glass personalized signal flag from D&D Stained Glass Artisans. You may spell whatever you like using the signal flag alphabet. Pennants are very popular with sailors and you can buy all kinds. For custom pennants, contact The Flag Makers and for pre-designed pirate… pennants visit PirateMerch or Pirates Cove.

Sailors love to play. Nautical Trivia is a great way for them to show their friends who knows the most about their beloved hobby. Your sailor might love radio controlled sailboats on days he or she can’t sail.

Some ítems to think about while looking through the websites are:

  • Binoulars;
  • Stainless Multi-Tools;
  • Handheld, Floating VHF Radios;
  • Rechargeable or Hybrid Flashlights/Spotlights;
  • Fishing Gear;
  • Inflatable Personal Floatation Devices;
  • Nautical Shorts with Pads;
  • Quick-Dry, Breathable, UV Protection Shirts; 
  • Dinghy Boots; 
  • Hammock; 
  • Self-leveling camera/video mounts; 
  • Folding Dock Cart; and
  • Nautical Clock and Compass Sets.

Stocking Stuffers you might consider are:

  • Carabiners;
  • A LED Headlamp with a Red Lens;
  • Silly, Compact Games (Nautical Playing Cards, Pass the Pigs);
  • Any Pirate or Sailing Movie;
  • Smartwool Socks; 
  • FenderGrips;
  • Sailing Calendars;
  • Sailing Gloves; 
  • Cap Keepers;
  • Eyeglass Holders;
  • "SavondeMer" shampoo & body gel for salt water;and
  • Team McLube’s Hullkote.

Please let us know if we can do anything to help you.
Happy Holidays and Fun Shopping