• Sundancer Grill (map)
  • 16410 Stewart Road
  • Austin, TX, 78734
  • United States

We are brewing up some fun for Halloween Weekend.  

We welcome you and your crew to dress in your favorite Halloween outfits for the Sunday afternoon sail and Beer Can series.  You can even decorate your boat for some added fun !

Special prize for "Best Dressed Crew & Boat" and a 5 minute penalty to a boat's start times for those who aren't in costume :)

Enjoy a fun afternoon sailing / racing and social time with other sailors.  Race starts / ends near Sail and Ski Marina allowing participants to enjoy time at the Sundancer Grill before and after the event.

Join the fun with our Casual Race series.  We use the word "race" lightly as we are simply boats headed around the same course at different speeds.  It is a honor system start, no committee boat or packed starting line with people screaming.  This is fun, casual sailing (racing) with friends.

2:15 pm - We meet at the "Sundancer Grill" located in the Sail & Ski Marina, for introductions and brief explanation of the evenings casual racing event.

2:30 pm -  Boats leave the dock for the "starting line".

3:00 pm - The on the water fun ("racing") begins.