Sailboat Rentals

Texas Sailing offers Sailboat Leasing of high quality sailboats on Lake Travis in Austin Texas


Sailboat Rentals

Texas Sailing offers Sailboat Leasing of high quality sailboats on Lake Travis in Austin Texas

Do you want the flexibility of owning your own sailboat without the perceived hassle of owning?

Do you want the ability to come down to the boat and have it clean and ready to go?

Do you like the idea of letting someone else take care of all that other boat stuff?

Do you love to sail and want the most sailing with no hassel?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Texas Sailing Sailboat Leasing Program is for you. Leasing a high quality Beneteau or Precision Sailing Yacht from Texas Sailing is the best deal on the water. An 18' to 37' sailboat can be leased for less than a monthly boat payment (based on standard financing). As a Texas Sailng sailboat lessee, you are eligible for the following benefits:

All the benefits of a Texas Sailing Club Member plus:

Ability to pre schedule 15 days of sailing per quarter (note that's more than one day a week, up to 60 days per year!) on your leased boat.

Unlimited day of departure bookings (charters booked the same day of you departure do not count toward your scheduled days). 

A maximum of three lessees will be placed on any one boat, insuring everyone gets all the sailing they want to. 

No long term contracts. The lease is a one year contract which renews month to month after the first year. 

Ability to change your lease to another boat in Texas Sailing's fleet (subject to certain restrictions) within the term of the contract. This enables you to change boats as your experience grows.

No mandatory instructional charges or fees. You will be checked out to sail on your leased boat. Any required instructional charges, if any, will be based upon your sailing experience and skills. 

We take care of the boat payments, slip fees, insurance, and maintenance. You take care of the sailing and fun!

All it takes to lease a sailboat from Texas Sailng is to become a member of the Texas Sailng Sailing Club and a refundable damage deposit of $1600. Thats it! For only your membership dues plus the montlhy cost of your lease, you can be the captian of your own sailing yacht.


Club Membership

Sailing Club Membership

Club Membership

Sailing Club Membership

Texas Sailing Club Membership is only $400 per year for the family!

If you enjoy bareboat sailing and like the idea and opportunity of chartering various sailboats; or if you are learning (or interested in learning) how to sail but aren't ready to purchase a sailboat - the Texas Sailing Club is for you.

If you bareboat charter more then a few times per year, the Texas Sailing Club can save you money. As a Texas Sailing Club Member, you may charter or lease high quality Beneteau and Precision sailboats at a significant discount over non-member bareboat charter rates. Texas Sailing Club Member benefits include: 

  • 25% discount off of non-member charter rates Mar - Oct
  • 50% discount off of non-member charter rates Nov - Feb
  • 10% discount on all instruction
  • Member Raft-ups
  • Member Happy Hours
  • Invitations to Member Flotillas
  • Access to boats available to Texas Sailing Club Members only
  • Half day rates available on all bareboat charters
  • Option to Lease your favorite yacht
  • Boat availability on days Texas Sailing's office is closed*
  • Extended sailing hours* 

*Subject to certain restrictions. Call the office to learn more.

Please call Texas Sailing to learn how you can become a member and begin receiving benefits today!